why we are good at what we do

It seems that new vistas of life are opening for me.A new tide of excitement, a new wave of fun has welcomed me.My quest for empowerment has got new tools here.My own thinking  has got a new robe ,which makes it unassailable.The quench for Learning has increased manifold.

The FEAR in my mind of unknown is not there.the world seems afresh and life has become beautiful.Now it seems the world is known but still unknown.

Coming to my UPSC Preliminary exam.It has been a very good day for me.With god grace.I attempted well..I do committed few mistakes but yet It didn’t bothered me.To me what I believe in has worked to some question  I answered then and there.It was brilliant.

After failing once in this exam.I stop behaving arrogantly.My respect for everything in this world has awaken.I personally believed that  there was some force guiding me all through this process.

I started believing in some divine plan for creation. Now my ambition has got new meaning. New vistas of success has arisen. I have got some good realization about life.The experiences which are not worth the money.or the money is not the worth for them.My world view has become different.I believe no studies in India can replicate the learning one has while preparing for this Exam.

Moreover I feel whatever one do.If He loves doing it.He will realise the truth in it.he will seek ways to improve it.the quest for betterment will justify his persistence for doing the things.He will chase the unchased.He will scale new heights and open new gates of success.


Dictating political choice

Choice is the basic need of voter.Amidst the current  environment of enthusiasm,energy and excitement (howsoever satiated by media ) there runs the stream of helplessness,status-quoism,prejudices among a voter.Whom should one vote is a matter of great observation,interaction and conversation.Rather it is turning out to be pre-conceived weaving done with the help of perception management by psephologist,media,parties alike.

When  we say a free flow of information,Its debatable .Not because of vested interests but because of entrenched notion of right or wrong embedded in the psyche of those working in these institutions.What is disgustful and apathetic to the core is the religious buttressing of same point by different face.This tyranny of discourse neither has educative effect nor has any symbolic value.Those ardent advocate of governance have nothing to say beside brick batting,mud slinging or on lighter note using creativity for negativity.(In slogans though)

It is not a stretch towards utopia rather it is a legitimate,missing ideology in the current debates,discourse and decisions.Democracy is reflected as off the people, far the people and buy the people.What this demographic dividend is looking for change not in leader but in leadership.

After 66 years of governance of every hue and colour. The current clamour for change unconsciously  is  about repeating the same mistakes.We cannot have the solution with the thinking that has created the problem in first place. Isn’t the change acclaimed  with the power of youth is far from near.The public institutions which we have created need to be reformed and reinvented with the zeal of good governance. Isn’t these institutions are harbinger of corruption since they have centralised system of management. have greater politicisation,perverse incentive system,woven with malaise of dysfunctional coordination.

Could this be anybody guess what needs to be done.do we need the same party men with same  ideology in new avaataar  like dettol,lifebuoy,hamam.We need no superhero for this matter.When people expectation are not met they justify it by not voting. Every mature democracy like USA,UK has declining voter turnout.Rather in Indian landscape this time provides a great opportunity to regain its great civilization status.However with the current conditions the desired change will not happen.

We Indians are merely satisfied with renovation rather than innovation.For that matter nobody wants to be termed Anarchist,obstructionist but what is the change that we are seeking.For sure Its not the change in polices because ingenuous means of people  with  malafide intent will creep in any good policy.

Isnt It the opportune time for greater introspection and working on the roots of governance system.Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.Are we ready for great plunder of wealth or enter into comity of nation.One thing is for sure neither bullet nor ballot can decide  this time.Can the country with the largest malnourished,poor,repressed people be satisfied with any  fatalist ideology ??

Election campaigning

I reaffirm my love for my country. where you could found limitless opportunities for fun,catharsis,psychological and spiritual satisfaction.From last many days i was getting restless over my inability to support the political change going to happen with in the country.

Suddenly charged with high emotion.i contacted gaurav a staunch social media activist of AAP.He motivated me to do work for AAP.I went to the office of AAP and met Mr Jag pal the coordinator at party office.The guy was warm,courteous and has political background.He gave me AAP topi to wear .We went to a place in Gharaunda itself.Then i found quite ignorant about the mannerisms,people of my own town.I somehow felt unequipped to handle the situation and rather kept mum about it.

Mr jagpal out of his own contact  manged to have meeting with people.I dont know the real activist was not coming out of me to say something rather i was feeling quite shy.may it was because of patronage under mr jagpal .Least to say i found the ideals which AAP espoused about itself were rather missing

out of my fondness for AAP and AK i rather next day went for a campaign in  nearby vilages.I was overexpecting the event.It turn out to be a self glorificaiton saga of Mr jag pal.rather stressing on ideal of AAP clearly and concisely became an braggadocio.

 After coming to party office i came back and carved out a lie so as to come back home and relax 

Emotions are powerful

Today I don’t know my  writing quotient has awaken.I know I am a poor writer but there are intrinsic as well as inherent reasons for me to write.Today i watched veer zara.It motivated me to write something about human emotions.

I am confident about the idea that human emotions have intense power which derives us to do anything.whether its love,patriotism,justice,truth,honesty,rightness.

What is the inherent reason for preferring this kind of behaviour. I tried to analyse on the basis of unempirical studies and relied on my uncanny  skills of  perceptions and observations

The foremost reason I found is we are born and nurtured with these values.we grow up watching Hindi movies having happy ending.Our society brought up the cultural values of atithi devo bhava. We love believing in unknown for achieving a known thing.These values  made possible construction of perfect world.

But as soon as we grow up we realise this was mere utopia.we saw guilty not being punished,bad people earning fame,pragmatism becomes a guiding philosophy.had we not followed them we were called bookish,idealist and seen with disdainful eyes.

There is fundamental conflict here . Reconciliation is very painful or It seems we are looking at visible actions but blind to the inherent principles involve in those so called unethical actions.these intellectual curiousity of mine derive me towards pensive mood. I started questioning the established norms of society.

Doesn’t they need to be revised and why does we are taught with those values when they have no relevance in real life.Even from the point of view of desirability.can universality of these values be questioned ?why can’t we just taught them the prevailing values.

What are we afraid of ? and if our fears are legitimate then why dont we change the world by channelising every drop of blood towards creating the desired world?

You might think that I am not realistic, not erudite and so on but why i need to be  ? Should we be status quoist.

Whose youth is it anyway

These days I am getting interested in discussing politics.That does not mean earlier I had an antipathy towards it rather I realized now, that I am having stake in this system.

I found the current debate in politics ill-informed,baseless,personified. Quantity of debate is stifling the quality. Cynically I believe the participants had the reason to subjugate the real problems of development,poverty,standard of living.Thereby remaining a low risk and high return asset

The more perplexing of the debate I found is Involving the youth brigade of this country.Everybody vociferously claims that they are the sole representative of change accompanied by the youth ,yet nobody touches the core of the problem .India is having the world largest population in the age group of 15-60 years that makes the humongous task of managing the subsequent social,political,economic changes accompanied therewith.

In the political sphere,Youth had ultimate weapon of voting .In case there are not enough choices it would be manifested into  discontent, violence, condition like the weimar republic and so on. Thus catastrophic for the democracy and the very idea of India.

In the economic sphere if there are not enough opportunities created for reaping the demographic dividend this could possible lead to impoverishment of its potential social,physical and human capital thereby manifesting itself into Brain drain, labour unrest,poor growth,Macro instability and so on

In the social sphere  youth is harbinger of change in any society.Indian society is marked by problems of missing women, conflict between India v/s Bharat , diversity with historical disadvantage and so on .so who is solving the problem anyway or working on it.’

With my sense of righteousness I can smell the despair,woefulness existing within our country.Yes India is the land of contradiction.there is always a conflict between optimism and pessimism.Probably it suits the maxim Rich India but poor people.

After 66 years of independence It seems we have grasp the essence of solution about where does one needs to start .In my opinion media whether through electronic or press has pervaded the psyche of today’s youth in an inconceivable manner. It  could play a magical role But I feel pity and helplessness they are more a problem rather than solution.It has been playing in the lap of vested interest rather than acting as the fourth estate.

How would a person of average intelligence could understand and form the opinion.Even if that is formed the  authenticity cannot be certified. Since India is nation in Making and  it can’t be built in one day but We have to be cautious of Each Brick we place.

Ideal has a reason to be Ideal

In the recent clamor for getting honest,effective,just governance for fight against corruption and perceived sense of  helplessness.We have set the highest standards for those wielding political power but yet there is no demand for personal reform.

if there is light in the soul there is beauty in the individual

if there is beauty in individual there is harmony in the house

if there is harmony in the house there is order in nation

if there is order in nation there is peace in the world

We Indians are laced with notions of right and wrong all through our life yet the most ironical part is we don’t follow them .We deify,praise,revere the individuals who followed them.We wanted them to succeed and bring the order to the society.Even my mother who has less political knowledge and ideological agenda wanted AAP to succeed.She vociferously condemn congress with the justification of corruption running into crore as if she has assisted Vinod Rai in doing the audit.

We support them  in the manner we could but when it comes to self conduct then reasoning provided is of survival,implausibility,system and what not

Probably extending this analogy to the person expected of virtuousness .Arent the political parties justified in giving the same  lame justification .I found Indian hypocrisy as highly illegitimate and immoral

Probably we revere everything loud and ideal we hear from our leaders. That’s why ideal has the reason to be ideal.